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Welcome to the Mole Screening website

This website explains about Moles, Malignant Melanomas, screening and the treatment of suspicious moles that might be turning into melanomas.

Why screen moles?

Although moles aren't dangerous, they can turn into malignant melanomas, which are the most deadly of the skin cancers.

We are able to:

  • Assess moles for risk of becoming melanomas
  • Perform full body scans looking for risky moles
  • Repeat the full body to identify moles that are changing
  • Arrange excision of risky moles by our consultant surgeon

Why Absolute Aesthetics?

Absolute Aesthetics is part of The Whiteley Clinic, an internationally recognised specialist Medical Clinic. We have a team of Consultant Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and Therapists who al work together.

Our fully equipped local anaesthetic operating theatre enables our Consultant Surgeon to remove any suspicious moles, often on the same day and almost always within on working day.

You can trust us to provide the highest standard of medical care and to provide a swift service from screening to excision, as you wish.

Why are we different?

We stand apart apart from screening units where patients are told they have a mole at risk and then get referred away to another doctor or hospital for excision - often having to wait days or weeks for the treatment.

In our experience, when a patient knows a mole is at risk, they want it removed as soon as possible - and so aim is to provide exactly this. All excisions are performed by a Consultant Surgeon who is a member of the BACD (British Association of Cosmetic Doctors).


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